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An elegant engagement session in Champagne, France 

An engagement typically deserves opening a champagne bottle to celebrate, but wouldn’t it be even nicer to pop the cork in the only place on the planet that produces everyone’s favorite bubbly? We are talking about the area of Champagne, France! The sequel to Meglena and Omar’s initial engagement session in Champagne, France was absolutely fantastic! Let’s see how it went and write a few words on each of the locations.

We suggested that Meglena and Omar add one extra day to their engagement session, and move it a little bit eastward of the magnificent city of love, Paris. It is safe to say we did not make a mistake when we made this recommendation! The area of Champagne is approximately a two-hour trip from Paris, and we were all in love with the magnificent vistas and stunning backdrops. Champagne is a fantastic place to mark your engagement to your soulmate away from the Parisian crowds. With all the beauty of the French countryside, and some of the greatest vineyards in the world – Veuve Clicquot Winery, Ruinart Winery, and Pommery Winery – this engagement session in Champagne, France, turned into a fabulous wine tasting tour. Our oenophiles combined the authentic French beverages with some of the most delicious meals and bits the wineries had to offer. What a unique way to embrace France!

Veuve Clicquot Winery

One of the locations where the engagement session in Champagne, France took place was the Veuve Clicquot Winery. With its beautiful architecture in the Champagne tradition, the winery is a fantastic property to visit. The modern-day Maison of Veuve Clicquot owns one of the greatest Champagne vineyards, both in regards to the quantity and the quality of its vines. The winery covers a total area of 390 hectares and features some unique, historic buildings. Surrounded by vivid green fields of grapes, and gorgeous architecture, it is a perfect spot for engagement photos at Champagne. The characteristic yellow vineyard bus in the yard exhibited the original hues of the Veuve Clicquot trademark.

The pair went on a wine tasting tour at the location. This was a fun experience for both the couple and ourselves! Meglena’s red flowery summer dress provided the ideal complement to the yellows and greens surrounding her. She and Omar were happy and with the wine glasses jingling, we took numerous fine-art Veuve Clicquot engagement photos which were a blend of precision and spontaneity.

Ruinart Winery

The second venue of the engagement session in Champagne, France, was the Ruinart Winery. The house of Ruinart is unparalleled. Inspired by a creative, devout Benedictine monk, Nicolas Ruinart founded Maison Ruinart, thereby establishing the world’s very first champagne-producing firm.  

Meglena and Omar looked incredibly wonderful and elegant in the images we took here! The couple, their attire, and their joy that was plain to see and looked wonderful in these photos. The overall experience at the Ruinart Winery was absolutely magnificent and we thoroughly recommend this spot. 

Pommery Winery

We resumed our French engagement session at Pommery Winery, which is known for the freshness and delicacy of its champagne. The winery is based in Reims and claims to be the originator of the Brut type of Champagne, which is so popular today. With it Elizabethan-style buildings, it is a real one-of-a-kind location that offers the chance to get some memorable, magical shots. It was created by Mrs. Pommery in the late nineteenth century!

We were able to capture Meglena and Omar’s charismatic personalities in several beautiful images from around the Pommery Winery. The vineyards worked like a charm during our stay and were the perfect backdrop for the session. The couple looked lovely, and Meglena’s Loeffler Randall shoes and Namelazz dresses reflected Champagne’s elegance and playfulness!  

The stunningly gorgeous engagement session at The Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, and Pommery wineries was both breathtaking and authentic! Including a vineyard in your engagement session is definitely a brilliant option. It gave us the opportunity to create treasured memories that reflected candid happiness.


We are thankful to have been part of Meglena and Omar’s engagement session in Champagne, France! It was unforgettable, and we are definitely looking forward to working there again sometime very soon. Get inspired from Meglena and Omar’s engagement session in Paris, or take a look in our journal to get ideas for your special event – we would love to meet you and be a part of it!