Tiffany and Colin Dry Lake engagement session

Engagement sessions are, without a question, a beautiful and significant event, but may also be stressful. Couples sometimes wonder whether they should have an engagement photoshoot, and our answer is always in the affirmative! You might be pondering how to dress for the session. Consequently, what can you do in advance to be ready for it? And the most frequently asked question: Where to go? If nature landscapes have your heart, or maybe you would like the backdrop of a city look, or even a mountain range – we can seamlessly guide you through all the options available during the planning of your engagement photos. This couple wanted something ethereal and serene, thus chose the Dry Lake Bed.

Tiffany and Colin are among the many couples that have booked us to capture their Dry Lake engagement photos. This blog discusses the many merits of having an engagement session!

Timeless locations for timeless photos

Due to the magic of this unique location, all Dry Lake engagement photos are something very special. The lake is a popular spot for all kinds of artistic projects, as well as engagements. In this Dry Lake engagement session, Tiffany and Colin included their sports car and classy outfits that made for the perfect contrast to the lake’s simple colors. These engagement photos at the Dry Lake, Las Vegas exude tranquility in contrast to the crowds that other locations in Las Vegas are host to. You could be the next couple with photos that are such a fine blend of precision and spontaneity.

Strengthen the bond with your photographer

We are husband and wife wedding photographers in Las Vegas and we have been behind the camera countless times, capturing the genuine emotions of our couples. We recommend spending some time before the wedding with your photographer, and engagement sessions are the perfect way to accomplish this. We practice this approach with most of our clients including the engagement session in most of our collections! The moments spent with our clients are precious to us and them. As all couples are different, it’s important that we get to know your personalities (and for you to get to know us!), which also helps us understand the vision of the couple. 

Separate photo gallery

Tiffany and Colin’s session, as well as many different engagement sessions in Las Vegas, forms a part of our package. We usually recommend several locations to a couple, but of course, we always respect their choice. However, regardless of the site selected, all engagement sessions are a great opportunity to get timeless, fine-art photos that represent the couple’s love and mark the beginning of their lifelong journey! It’s a great opportunity to get some magical, high-quality shots from a different location than the wedding venue to further represent your love and capture the journey of your relationship so far.


Hopefully, our Dry Lake engagement photos have served as an inspiration for your dream engagement session. Feel free to contact us so that we can be a part of your special occasion, and in the meantime, get inspired by some of our other blogs. Check out our recent work on Instagram!