WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association: “Back to The Eighties” Prom Gala and how we won the recognition award  “The Most Dedicated Professionals”.

Being part of a community that shares the same interests and experiences as you is quite beneficial and impacts the success of your business. We speak from experience when we say that joining WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association as members created remarkable opportunities for us. Not only did this community help us grow, but it also brought new people and more extraordinary experiences our way! 


What is WIPA? 

WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association is a non-profit organization that aims to create opportunities for wedding professionals to grow and develop their businesses. It strives to build a community and network on which people of the same interests can rely. The organization is currently focused on North America, but the dream is to spread its influence across the globe.

15 chapters operate around North America and Ireland, and WIPA Las Vegas is one of the largest. They develop standards and ethics that help people spread their businesses and aim toward greater success!


“Back to The Eighties” Prom Gala 

It was our honor to take part in the latest event organized by WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association because it had a unique theme and spectacular details everyone enjoyed. The theme was Back to The Eighties and contained a lot of elements that made the occasion both authentic and sophisticated. 

Desi Camille Weddings and Events created the events marvelous ambiance. Desi is a remarkable event planner whose ideas are simply impressive and awe-inspiring. Being part of an event she organized is a privilege, and WIPA Las Vegas knew exactly who was the perfect fit for the extraordinary WIPA Gala in RedRock. 

Moreover, the venue also impacted the magnificence of this prom gala. The Red Rock Resort and Events was the ideal spot for this kind of event. Lydia, the president of WIPA, worked tirelessly with her team to make the place look spectacular. The whole venue was decorated with breathtaking floral arrangements provided by Mylo Fleur, transforming the hotel into a genuine work of art. 

Luckily, Desi choosed Suzi and Terrence, the best videographers from Lightenfilms, to capture this amazing party on tape, so we can relive these memories repeatedly. We were responsible for photographing the event’s best moments and enjoyed our role tremendously. One of our favorite DJ’s was part of the team. DJ Livinh made sure that this event was turned into an unforgettable party experience, and the New Moon Entertainment band took over at the after-party.

Neon lights, Gary’s arcade games, and colorfulness were all part of this fascinating setting. The backdrop, created by Dec N Deets, was an enormous cassette player, which took everyone back to when this was our only music tool. The dancefloor was made of Tetris blocks – a game to which everyone was addicted in the 80s, and the highlight of the event – @harmonyswank_ roller and @poledancedanigirls as the “girls on rollerskates.” Each detail was carefully planned so all the guests could experience the magic this period carried. There was also an abundance of colorful balloons provided by Festoon, interesting centerpieces on each table, and delicious finger food. There was also a photo booth provided by Smash Booth that allowed the guests to have fun and create great personal memories. 

However, the party would not have been such a hit if the guests did not do their part. The 80s theme of the event allowed people to be unique and creative in designing their outfits, so we were definitely taken back in time. Vibrant colors, old cassettes, and retro music were the elements that gave an authentic feeling. 

The party also awarded people for their hard work in the wedding industry. There were a few recognition prizes, among which was the “WIPA Dedicated Professionals Award 2022” that we were honored to receive. This was really surprising because we did not expect to acquire a Wedding International Professionals Association Recognition Award, so to say the least, it was a very touching moment for both of us. 


We are truly grateful for the existence of a community such as WIPA. This organization helped us grow our business and connect with many great professionals in the wedding industry. This is why Albert applied to be on the WIPA Board as a Director of membership retention for 2023 and 2024 and contribute back to the community. 

Being part of the board of WIPA is a meaningful way to contribute to the community and make a positive impact, and give and receive knowledge from one of the best in our industry. By engaging with others and utilizing our skills and resources, we can support important causes and make a meaningful difference in the wedding industry of those around us. It is a way for us to give back to society and make a meaningful difference for those around us.


WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association

Wipa Wedding International Professionals Association



If you are questioning whether joining WIPA Wedding International Professionals Association is a good idea, consider the advantages you get once you become a member. From our experience, we can say that it is an organization that can only improve your opportunities and makes your business grow. We suggest that you join a few events and see for yourself! Do not forget to read more about the WIPA organization and check for events near your area at https://www.wipa.org/.


WIPA Recognition Award – The Most Dedicated Professionals 2022

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