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The engagement session of Karla and Krasen at Vizcaya Miami Florida.

The past two years have been overwhelming for everyone on our beautiful planet Earth, and all those couples who waited to say ‘I do’ to the loves of their lives had to make adjustments to their wedding plans. Karla and Krasen – a very sweet couple, were one of them. Getting married during a pandemic must have been even more challenging than regular times, but love wins all the time, and so did Karla and Krasen. The couple did not have a photographer to encapsulate their special day at that time, but here we are now! And can you guess where we went? – At the stunning Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Florida, for the most beautiful Vizcaya engagement photos! 

Karla and Krasen made the right decision when they chose this incredibly beautiful location for their engagement shoot! The Museum has played home to plenty of A-listers’ nuptials as one of the country’s most picturesque wedding sites. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens delivers the right blend of original European architecture with Florida’s natural appeal. For those searching for an alternative to destination weddings in Europe, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the next right choice. Couples in Miami have relied on this beautiful location to deliver cherished memories for years. No other hideaway in South Florida gives such a tranquil and gorgeous sanctuary for romantic souls. You can trust this place to make your special day even more spectacular, whether it is a Vizcaya Museum engagement session or a wedding!

Couples enjoy this awe-inspiring place because the vistas are magnificent, both for wedding and engagement photography – the surrounding complements the photos in a timeless and extraordinary manner. The possibilities for Vizcaya engagement photos and wedding backgrounds are endless. The worn stone and vintage carved bricks of the balconies will enhance any pictures by offering a traditional impression. Lovebirds may exchange their first kiss in the midst of vibrant orchids and exotic palms. The fact that one of the most renowned wedding photographers, Jose Villa, held a wedding at the Museum at the same time we were shooting Karla and Krasen’s engagement photos in Vizcaya, testifies to the authentic beauty of the location and how lyrical and precious this lovely area is!

As Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami wedding photographers, we were incredibly inspired by Karla and Krasen’s beautiful connection paired with the location, since it was like something out of a fantasy. There is something poetic about portraying genuine feelings in such stunning destinations. They were simply radiant and glowing, effortlessly evoking their emotions, sharing embraces and kisses, and surrendering to the moment. They may have missed the opportunity to have their wedding day captured, but we were more than honored to provide beautiful memories for them to savor for years to come.

The couple’s Vizcaya engagement photos also evoked a sense of timeless elegance. Their contemporary romantic styling elevated the whole shoot. It was a special moment seeing how Karla looked breathtaking in her Monique Lhuillier dress paired with Krasen’s elegant handsomeness. The couple is beaming with love, and you don’t have to be a wedding photographer to see that! Looking effortlessly beautiful in front of our lenses and perfectly blending into the gardens, Karla and Krasen’s session was a fine blend of precision and spontaneity.

Can we just say that photographing these Vizcaya engagement photos was an absolute delight? We cannot be thankful enough to Karla and Krasen for having put their trust in us to capture their special moments. Simply strolling with them through the gardens and reveling in their unique romance felt like a surreal experience. We could tell right immediately that this was going to be an important day for us as well!



Thus, we hope you found our portrayal of this couple’s Vizcaya engagement photos inspiring. We would also like to remind you that even if you didn’t have the desired photographer for some of your iconic milestones, you can always book a session, as love is eternal and deserves to be honored – no matter how far you have come in your journey together. If you need more ideas about marvelous locations, and wedding and engagement photography, don’t forget to check out our Instagram page for additional inspiration or look at the Miami Design District Engagement Session post.