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Shangri-La Paris Destination Wedding Photographers

Paris is renowned across the globe as the metropolis of love. Each year, thousands of couples choose Paris as the destination for their wedding. Located among the City of Light’s gems and with outstanding reception venues, the Shangri-La Hotel Paris is the ideal location for the happiest day of your life. This former residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, and now a palace, has kept its sense of history and status. It is no wonder why numerous couples choose it to tailor their luxury wedding day. No matter how often we visit, it never ceases to amaze us. Continue reading to learn more about our day as wedding photographers at Shangri-la Paris!

The Shangri-la Hotel Paris is a fantastic venue for a Paris destination wedding. It is a perfect place to celebrate your love if you adore historical appeal, Louis XIV-inspired elegance, and black-tie wedding banquets as much as we do! The opulent Parisian hotel is located in a historical landmark built for Prince Roland Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew, in the late 1800s. The hotel also features one of the greatest vistas of the Paris Eiffel Tower, and believe us when we say that you will never look at the Tower in the same way again from any other location! The Shangri La company purchased it in 2006 and spent four years renovating it to restore it to its former glory and splendor.

When it comes to the aesthetic, this venue is ideal for couples seeking a majestic, classy, black-tie atmosphere for their wedding reception in Paris. The ballrooms are lavishly decorated, and we could sense the vibe of an aristocratic celebration as soon as we walked in. Three restaurants, a spa featuring Carita treatments, and one of the largest hotel pools in Paris are among the facilities it provides. From the exterior, the hotel’s majestic structure provided the perfect background for a number of stunning outdoor wedding photos from Shangri-la. When you look at this timeless glamour, you would choose to have a destination wedding in Shangri-la in a heartbeat. How would it feel? As Shangri-la wedding photographers we once again had the pleasure of portraying love in this place, under the talented and creative direction of Janna Brown.

It was only to be expected that Janna, who is also known for her incredible devotion, has done it again. This editorial is a genuine illustration of her work and expertise, as well as a depiction of the beauty of Paris, the City of Love! Her passion is designing and creating, and she, like us, is inspired by the excitement of each project. Janna created one of the most authentic Parisian wedding editorials! We were fortunate enough to be able to photograph all of the glamorous wedding photos from Paris.

It was a joy to work with the wonderful couple as wedding photographers at Shangri-la, Paris. The bride wore a stunning Rami Kadi gown provided by Dylan Parienty Paris with subtle sequins that went nicely with Reina Kim‘s natural makeup and nice hairstyle. Bencivenga Alta Sartoria provided the groom with a beautiful tuxedo. We were able to get several natural-looking photographs full of charm and elegance since the couple looked truly gorgeous!

And, after all, what is a wedding alone without wedding decor? – It is simply a usual get-together. The handcrafted fine-art invitations and letters with ceremony details were handled by the talented Prairie & Sage. . Many gorgeous flower centerpieces, Cierge Camée fragranced candles, and the sweet macarons provided by Monnanie Cakes were among the other decorations, giving the event a timeless elegance and a modern flare.

Overall, the vendors did outstanding work, making the entire wonderfully planned event for us, as wedding photographers at Shangri-la Paris, unforgettable! We also loved extending the shoot towards one of the most iconic locations in the city and weaving a story of romance and classic elegance. In fact, there are numerous authentic locations in Paris for a wedding picture shoot. This shoot unfolded in a few different places, allowing us to capture a plethora of unquestionably stunning photographs! We proceeded with capturing their love on the unique bridge Pont Alexandre III, and it was wonderful! The bridge offers the most beautiful backdrop with the Eiffel Tower. To convey opulence, even more, the couple’s outfits harmonized in well with the bridge’s golden decorations. Following, the majestic Petit Palais and Pavillon Colbert provided the perfect locations for outdoor photography that ensnared the essence of Paris. 


We hope that we have inspired you with our work as wedding photographers in Shangri-la, Paris! We are excitedly looking forward to being part of your story regardless of the location – the USA or Europe! For more Parisian inspiration, check out our Wedding at the Hotel Ritz blog post!