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Wedding at the Ritz Paris – Destination wedding photographers’ point of view

The famed Hotel Ritz in Paris was founded on June 1st, 1898, in a former prince’s palace on Place Vendôme by a man with expertise operating major hotels – César Ritz. His dream was to open a hotel that would allure the wealthy and famous, a place that would make them feel relaxed, at home, and comfortable.!

When we first arrived at the Ritz, Paris as destination wedding photographers, we felt as though we were entering a royal mansion from a distant era! The hotel is immersed in history. The authentic classical and Empire furnishings, as well as spectacular and rare artworks, crystal chandeliers, jacquard curtains, and embroidered bedheads, are visible on all corners of the Hotel. It is simply remarkable, to say the very least! The hotel is a symbol of luxury and is one of the most renowned and well-known hotels in the world

The venue’s rich history is evident, and many couples have been able to hold their most significant day here owing to César Ritz’s ideas. With its own garden area, refreshment bars, and French afternoon tea salon, as well as a gorgeous gourmet restaurant serving a variety of delicious dishes, the hotel is the ideal location to marry the love of your life! As the Ritz Paris destination wedding photographers, we will attempt to capture as much of this iconic Paris location as possible in our blog!

Without the incredible vendors that helped make our couple’s fantasy a reality, this wedding at the Ritz, Paris would not have felt like a real-life fairytale! The bride looked gorgeous in her Dylan Parienty sophisticated gown, as did the groom in his Bencivenga Alta Sartoria tuxedo. The couple’s contrasting black and white wedding attire merged perfectly into the gorgeous hotel suites, bringing refinement to the poetic shots we photographed. Reina Kim‘s makeup and haircut provided an extra touch of luxury to the photoshoot.

No photos, especially wedding photos at the Ritz Paris, are complete unless they include the must-have decorative touches from the most significant day. We are proud to present you with the decorations down to the smallest details – from the trays of pretty flowers and small French croissants, macarons, and the cooled champagne to celebrate with to the white-blue hand-crafted invitations with gold embellishments from Prairie and Sage. Furthermore, from the stunning sparkling ring waiting to be placed on the bride’s finger, to the Jimmy Choo pearl-encrusted heels and the wedding cake – everything awaited their turn to be captured by our lenses!

Despite the magnificent, luxurious interior photography session with the bride and groom, we were able to get a number of extra photos on film outside in the Ritz’s own lush garden and terrace. The terrace provided the ideal setting for infusing the session with a touch of nature. As we were working in the hotel’s garden, both the bride and groom reflected grandeur and refinement. We proceeded to some of the most iconic locations in Paris for wedding photos – the one and only Louvre Museum, the famed Pont Alexandre III bridge with its spectacular vista of the Eiffel Tower, and the Petit Palais of Paris. These places enabled us to create numerous unique photographs and, once again, astonished us as destination wedding photographers in Paris!

In an effort to perfectly exhibit the couple’s love for one another while also recalling the true beauty of Paris, the wedding was meticulously planned! Decked out in excellent detail and producing beautiful weddings, Janna Brown, was in charge of coordination for the event. Janna has crafted an ode to old romance with a modern touch for us to enjoy. She worked her magic, and so did we as destination wedding photographers at the Ritz, Paris!


We are delighted to have been part of such a luxury wedding in Paris, where we were able to capture the genuine meaning of elegance through some fine-art imagery! We simply cannot wait to once again find ourselves in the role of Ritz Paris destination wedding photographers! For more inspiration, you are invited to read our Shangri-la wedding blog, or check out our work on Instagram