The Bellagio


Erin and Dave’s wedding was a pure magic, it was one of those weddings where the whole day was just perfect. Their first look was unforgettable, filled with joy, tears and smiles. They got married at the at The Little Church of the West. The day was magnificently planned and we had an amazing time with them! The reception was held at Prime Restaurant at the Bellagio, the view from there is iconic! Congratulations to Erin and David! 

"Think about every big event in your life. You wait for it, you prepare for it, you plan every detail, you spend a lot of money, you basically do everything you consider is needed to make it very special. And then it's over. A couple of hours feel like a dream. And when you wake up 

 you are left with beautiful yet fuzzy memories. All that adrenaline rushing through your veins sure made for a great experience but it also made time seem to have gone even faster. What if you could relive the special moments over and over again? What if you could take enough time to actually notice and enjoy every single detail of the surroundings and the people who attended? That is what I feel when I look at the pictures which I received after working with Albert and Liliya. Their photography is genuine, dynamic, full of life and emotion. They professionally captured every single important step from our event timeline but what I cherish even more is that they caught those sweet unexpected tiny moments that I would have never witnessed while being focused on the “main action”. I believe working as a couple they really complement each other. It's not simply doubling the number of shots you can get having a second photographer but adding a whole other perspective is key for a diverse and fully encompassing photo shoot. Also being a husband and wife themselves really makes them caring and enthusiastic about other couples’ stories and experiences. I guess it takes to know Love to be able to showcase Love in such a beautiful and effortless way those two photographers from Vegas do. Thank you Albert and Liliya, we will definitely work together again."