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Ashley and Shah’s engagement in Downtown Chicago.

There is no shortage of wonderful settings to arrange an engagement session in Downtown Chicago — from gorgeous rooftop terraces with breathtaking panoramic views to lush gardens and sculpted parks! Ashley and Shah decided on four locations to shoot their lovely photos, spicing them up with a mix of traditional Pakistani elements and contemporary details.

We had the privilege of traveling north to start this beautiful engagement session in Downtown Chicago. When we travel, we always aim to have one day for scouting for stunning locations, one day for photo shooting, and one extra backup day. In this case, we couldn’t shoot at one location due to the downpour, so we had a backup day to make it happen for our couple!

The Art Institute of Chicago hosted the Pakistani engagement session in Chicago. And where else but here could you capture a couple’s love and convey it artistically? The pair wore traditional Pakistani matching clothes in vibrant, natural colors that blended in beautifully with the colors of Grant Park’s poetic backdrop! Shah’s contrasting red wasket represented their love for each other. We were able to shoot some fine-art imagery and record memorable moments for Ashley and Shah thanks to the amazing venue, surrounded by a beautiful inspiring landscape! The rain brought even more of the city’s energy in the photos, but that certainly didn’t stop us!

The second part of Ashley and Shah’s engagement session in Downtown Chicago took place at the Board of Trade. It’s such an iconic spot with a museum-like feel! We were able to capture wonderful Chicago engagement photos with so many beautiful backgrounds thanks to the unoccupied streets surrounding the Board of Trade. It would not be a Downtown Chicago engagement session unless we got in the middle of the streets. Ashley and Shah’s contrasting indigo blue clothing provided us with the opportunity to create a number of sophisticated and refined timeless photos.

The city’s unquestionably stunning skyline North Avenue Beach is one of the best locations in Chicago for engagement photos! The skyline, as viewed from the pier where our couple was standing, provided the ideal backdrop for taking photographs of some of Ashley and Shah’s most intimate glances and hugs. The vista is breathtaking, and the couple’s walk towards the skyline marked the beginning of their lifelong journey!

Offering one of the most spectacular views over the Chicago skyline is the sandy North Avenue beach. Ashley and Shah’s engagement session in Downtown Chicago came to a close at this beautiful spot! The tranquil ocean and the sounds of the city served to provide a relaxing environment for the couple to express their emotions for our cameras once more! While running barefoot in the sand, we were able to capture their enjoyment, while at the same time, the beautiful sunset was the perfect assistant for capturing Ashley and Shah’s heartfelt Chicago engagement photos! 




As destination wedding photographers we love exploring new places and capturing meaningful stories. We hope to have inspired you with this engagement session in Downtown Chicago!  If this city is your destination for an engagement photo session, or you have a different location in mind, you are welcome to fill out our contact form, and we’ll be delighted to learn all about your love story! Get inspired with a similar post with stunning views of California, Amy and Race’s engagement in San Francisco was a dream.