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Meglena and Omar’s engagement in Paris, France.

Ah, Paris, the amorous capital of the world! It’s exciting to say “Yes” and be engaged to the love of your life, but it is even better to have your memorable engagement session in Paris! The idea of getting a photoshoot in Paris dedicated to capturing these romantic and meaningful moments shouts excitement and passion.

Meglena and Omar reached us with the request that we commemorate the beginning of their everlasting journey in New York, but since we were already working as destination wedding photographers in Paris, we suggested a session across the ocean. What finer place than the majestic, charming, and elegant city of love? As fine-art film destination wedding photographers, we already had some great locations for an engagement session in Paris in mind. 

We started with engagement photos at the Louvre Paris. The famous museum in the heart of France’s city presented the perfect scene for numerous light and airy photos. The photos of the engagement session in Paris originated from a fine blend of perfection and spontaneity, and are a tribute to timeless romanticism intertwined with a modern flair. We had the entire venue to ourselves, and the couple got the opportunity to publicly declare their love for one another. We heartily advise making photos in front of the pyramids, which is an excellent spot for highlighting the museum’s splendor. The first part of this engagement was just a part of the timeless Paris engagement photos! 

The second venue of Meglena and Omar’s engagement session in Paris was Colonnes de Buren, or Les Deux Plateaux, in French. It is a piece of artwork that can be seen in the Palais Royal’s inner courtyard. The sentimental photographs tailored to portray the personality of our wonderful couple were enhanced by the exceptionally beautiful and exquisite location. Both Colonnes de Burden and the Palais Royal had the same effect on us: we felt as if we were in the middle of a real-life fairytale!

Luxembourg Park, commonly known as Jardin du Luxembourg, was yet another location for taking artistically elegant Paris engagement photos! Beautiful tree-lined footpaths and fascinating architecture with a mellow gloss draw photos from every viewpoint in the gardens. As such, in contrast to the city’s vibrant Parisian ambiance, the park gave us an exclusive, secluded feel and serenity. The end result was wonderful photographs and a couple who looked ethereal.

The Alexander III Bridge was the concluding venue for Meglena and Omar’s engagement session. It’s certainly another excellent choice for pre-wedding photographs in Paris. With its dramatic statuary, the bridge is regarded as one of Paris’ most exquisite and creative bridges. It also offers one of the best viewpoints of the Eiffel Tower’s gloriousness. Connecting the site of Napoleon’s tomb from one side, and the Champs-Élysées from the other side, this part of the photo session symbolized the connection and the genuine beauty in our couple’s journey!




An engagement session in Paris is a wonderful way to document a memorable period in your life while also capturing who you are as a couple. We are pleased to help you with location hunting for an engagement session in Europe or anywhere else! For example, look at Meglena and Omar’s second-day engagement session in Champagne France. If you have any questions, kindly complete our contact form or follow us on Instagram